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2017-18 Player/Parent Agreement


2017-18 SEASON
We have enjoyed many successes with our involvement in youth soccer. We have learned that one key ingredient of success is clear, consistent communication between the Club, it’s Teams and Coaches, Players and Parents. This agreement is one way of explaining, in detail, our expectations of you as a member of the Westside Breakers Soccer Club. It will help you identify some potential problem areas and at the same time answer questions about the Club’s decision making process. As you have committed to become a member of the Westside Breakers, please take the time to read the following pages carefully.
Members of the Westside Breakers Soccer Club agree to put the Club ahead of the Team. When decisions are made regarding conflicts between the Club and a particular Team, the Club will come first. Club decisions will be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, taking into consideration all points of view.
Members of the Westside Breakers Soccer Club agree to put their Team ahead of the individual Player. If conflicts arise between the Team and a Player or Parent, the Team Coach under the direction of the Club Technical Director will be responsible to make decisions for the good of the Team. These decisions will be made after gathering all relevant information and consultation with those involved. The Coaches’ decision will be objective and based on their best evaluation of the facts. Once a decision has been made, it is final. Players and Parents must agree to abide by the decision.
We have prepared this written selection process in order for you to understand the process by which a Players will or will not be selected for a Team in our Club. Player performance will be evaluated by observing the Player during tryouts, practices, scrimmages and games. Only the Club Technical Director and Team Coach will confer and make decisions in matters of Player evaluation and selection. Thus, it is important that you understand that Player and Team selections are inherently subjective, but they are by no means arbitrary. There are many terminologies used to categorize and describe soccer abilities. Present and potential Team members will be evaluated in the following four areas: Four Areas of Evaluation 1) Mental Strength (Player focus and effort on offense & defense) 2) Physical Ability (speed, athleticism, agility, endurance, etc.) 3) Technical Competence (ball skills) 4) Tactical Awareness on Offense and Defense. Our Club Coaches and Technical Director make decisions on Player selection based solely on the Player’s productivity in the Four Areas of Evaluation. Priority will be given to the first two areas (Mental Strength and Physical Ability) as these qualities are the foundation upon which Technical Competence and Tactical Awareness achieve the highest levels of productivity in the game of soccer. If you have any questions about the meaning of these terms, please ask the Coaches. The Coaches and Technical Director will use the above areas to identify and select Players that will best satisfy our primary Club goal of creating the most competitive and successful Teams both now and in the future. Thus, Players will be evaluated on both current and potential proficiency in each area. In addition, it is important to understand that creating a good soccer Team requires selecting various types of Players who are able and willing to play specific roles for the benefit of the Team. Different positions in the Team require strength in different areas. The Coaches and Technical Director will base their decisions solely on the information and criteria listed above. Politics, parent position in the Club, friendships, personal relationships and financial contribution to the Club or Team will not enter into these decisions.
Club tryouts will be held annually and are open to all Players who meet the age requirements for the Teams in question. The Club will announce the open tryouts to inform the public of the specific tryout dates and times. The Club reserves the right to call off annual tryouts if the Technical Director deems tryouts unnecessary. If the Team Coach and Technical Director deem it necessary, additional tryouts may be held during the season, and qualified Players may be added to Team rosters at any time. The open tryout period may last from one to five tryout sessions. In order to avoid wasting anyone’s time, the Team Coach and/or Technical Director reserve the right to make Player cuts after the first try-out session, or to ask certain prospects to remain after the open try-out dates.
Playing Up and Player Movement Within the Club
Should a Coach and the Club Technical Director both agree that a Player on a certain Team has developed to the point where she is capable of competing for a starting position on an older Team within the Club, such a Player may be offered the opportunity to make such a move. Generally, such movement of Players within the Club shall take place at the end of the season (after State Cup). In some extraordinary cases, however, such a move may take place in the middle of the season if, in the opinion of both the Coach and Technical Director, the situation warrants such a move at that time. In addition, all Players within the Club are welcome to tryout for any team in the club that they are age eligible for. Players will not be asked to move teams within the Club. The impetus to tryout for a team other than their own current team must come from the Player.
Your commitment to the Club and the Clubs commitment to you are for one soccer season only and at the end of each year, you must try-out again. The primary Club soccer season is from mid-July through State and National Cup competitions. For Players U-13 and under, this period typically runs through about late February/early March. For older Players, this period runs through Thanksgiving weekend and then again from late February through late April or early May (there is a break during the high school soccer season which runs from Thanksgiving through late February). During the primary Club soccer season, Players are expected to make their commitment to the Westside Breakers their first recreational activity priority during that period. To be clear, this means that if, for instance, a Player chooses to play another sport or activity and a conflict arises, the Player understands that her commitment to the Westside Breakers Team takes precedence, regardless of the relative importance of the two conflicting events.
Player Evaluation, Starting Positions and Playing Time
Player performance during the season will be evaluated by observing the Player in training, scrimmages and games. Only the Team Coach and Technical Director will confer in matters of Player evaluation and Players will be evaluated in the above mentioned Four Areas. There is no guaranteed amount of playing time and there are many factors that can affect the amount of playing time for a particular Player. The policy of the Club is that playing time is earned and not a given. The Coaches will base their decisions on starting Players, positions and the amount of playing time primarily on the Four Areas of Evaluation as well as other factors such attendance at practices/games and relative importance of a particular game. Should you have any questions or concerns about starting positions and/or playing time, please talk with your Team Coach at the appropriate time.
Attendance at Practices and Games
You are expected to make as many practices and games as possible. We understand that there will be times when conflicts cannot be avoided and more important events occur. In the event you do need to miss a practice or game, you must notify your Team Coach at the earliest possible moment so they can plan around your absence. It is also important that Players arrive on time for both practices and games (usually one hour before) so that you are “ready to go” at the beginning of the designated game or practice time.
Before, During and After Games and Practices
From the designated arrival time at all practices and games, Players are expected to concentrate on soccer. Players must arrive on time with required equipment (shoes, all Breakers uniforms or practice t-shirt, soccer ball, shin guards, etc.) and be ready to practice or play. Since practicing and playing their best requires undivided attention, there will be no visiting between Players and Parents, family, friends, pets or others (who might cause Player to lose focus on soccer) from immediately before the practice or game until they have been dismissed by the Coach. This includes half-time and the conclusion of games, when player are expected to get water, then immediately join the Team and the Coach for game discussion and Team adjustments. When Team responsibilities are over, Players are free to join family and friends. Nutrition and rest are also a part of the Players personal responsibility as a member of the Breakers. We expect Players to eat nutritious, healthy food in a timely fashion so as not to interfere with performance. If Players have questions about which foods are best for performing athletes, please ask the Team Coach. Rest periods between games may be spent with family members or friends if time and Coach permit. There will be times when the Coach will require the Team to stay together while waiting for the next game.
Team Travel
During the course of the soccer season, Teams will participate in away games. It is the Player’s responsibility to arrange transportation to and from these games. In most instances Players will be able to arrange travel in conjunction with other Team members. In certain cases, the Team may be taking trips which require the Team to stay overnight. During overnight trips, Team members may be required to stay at a designated hotel and eat meals as a Team. Players’ family members will always be invited to stay at the designated hotel and may be invited to join the Team during Team meals. Final decisions regarding Team travel will be made by the Team Coach and/or the Technical Director. Although under no obligation, there will be times when the Coaches may make individual exceptions and be flexible with the implementation of Team travel rules.
Communication With Your Coach
As a member of the Westside Breakers, you are responsible for your own performance and conduct. Honesty, reliability and communication will be expected at all times. There will inevitably be times during the season when Coaches make decisions and Players will be instructed to do things they may not understand. During such times, Players are encouraged to talk with their Coach so they can gain a better understanding of why certain decisions are being made and what is expected of them. If you have issues or concerns such as the amount of playing time you are receiving, whether or not you are starting player, what position you are playing, etc., please do not hesitate to speak with your Team Coach about them at the appropriate time. All of the Breakers Coaches have an open door policy with respect to such issues or concerns and they encourage and expect you to communicate when you have such issues or concerns. You and your Coach may not ultimately agree on such matters but you will both have a better understanding of each other and what needs to be done to resolve the matter. Ultimately, if you feel you are being treated unfairly by your Team Coach, you may contact the Club Technical Director and he will look into the matter.
Team Communication
You are responsible for knowing what is going on with your Team. There are times when changes are made (sometimes last minute) to practice and/or game dates, times and/or locations. The Club has a field mudline and you must check it the day of practice if it rains to find out if practice is cancelled or not. In addition, many Teams are now communicating by email, so you must check your email box regularly. If you are going to miss a practice or game (or be arriving late or leaving early), you must notify your Coach (and not your Team Manager or a teammate) at the earliest possible moment.
Uniforms and Equipment
You must bring a ball, cleats, shin guards and water to all practices and games. The Club currently has a sponsorship agreement with Adidas and uniform purchases must be made through our retailer, Nikys Sports.  For practices, you must wear your Adidas Westside Breakers practice t-shirt, soccer shorts and socks to every team practice. Players may not wear any part of their game uniforms to practice except their sweats and/or warm-ups. Sweats or warm-ups for games must be either Adidas Westside Breakers sweats/warm-ups or plain (no brand, school or AYSO all-star logo’s, etc.).  All backpacks and bags must be Adidas brand (typically black color with the Breakers logo).  For games, you must bring ALL of your Westside Breakers uniforms to EVERY game. Uniforms must be kept clean and in good condition.  Starting September 1, 2016, ALL soccer balls used by Club Players must be Adidas.
Parental support and involvement in the Westside Breakers Soccer Club are essential. If your daughter chooses to commit herself to the Breakers, your commitment is also necessary. The information below should help parents understand how they can meet the expectations for their commitment to their team in addition to fostering a healthy team environment. As an integral part of making an acceptable level of commitment to the Breakers, parents must see to it that their daughters attend all possible Club and Team functions (practices, games, meetings, etc.) We understand that there will be times when conflicts cannot be avoided and other more important events occur. When there is an unavoidable conflict, the Club expects that you notify your Team Coach at the earliest possible time so the team can make adjustments in the schedule if necessary. Periodically, you will receive updated Team schedules for the year which should allow you to plan in advance. Final decisions on scheduling and adjustments will be made by the Team Coach or Technical Director after careful consideration of your needs and those of the Club or Team. Breaker Players are expected to be on time for all team functions. In the case of practices, this means that if practice is scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. then your daughter should be at the field with her shoes on and ready to go at 6:00 p.m. (and not just arriving at the parking lot at 6:00 p.m.). Also, whenever possible, please do not have your daughter leave early from practices as this is often more disruptive than arriving late. For games (especially away games) please allow extra time for unforeseen difficulties such as traffic and parking problems. Parents as well as Players are required to keep up to date and be responsive on a timely basis to information posted on the Club hotline and/or in e-mails, faxes and letters sent from the Club or Team.
Sideline Coaching and Behavior
There will be no coaching by Parents. “Go” or “Shoot” or “Send it” are interpreted as instructions and as such are not desirable. No matter how good your intentions are, we insist there be no shouting instructions to your daughter or any other player on the Team. We also insist there be absolutely no yelling or complaining to referees or officials during or after games. Your vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome after good play. Please do not criticize or “moan” with disappointment when mistakes are made. The Players are well aware of mistakes they make (especially the bad ones), and we also teach our Players that overcoming and learning from mistakes are an important part of the learning process. It is important Players are not distracted at practices, during games, and that Players are given only one set of instructions by Coaches only. No one other than those listed on the official game roster may sit on or near the Team bench before and during games (please respect the space and privacy necessary for the Coach and Team to carry out their game responsibilities). Please respect all of the other Players on the team; please do not make critical remarks to others about specific Players on your team. Many times, these comments are overheard by the Players or others and can be quite hurtful and foster an unhealthy Team environment. Please respect your Team Coach and do not make negative remarks to others about coaching decisions. There will be times Coaches make decisions and Players are instructed to do things Parents will not understand. Club, Team and Player development will sometimes be given a greater priority than winning, especially in the younger years prior to high school. Parents must understand this and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this philosophy in order to maintain a healthy Team environment. Remember, playing only to win without taking healthy Club, Team and Player development into account will not result in a solid foundation upon which your daughter will be prepared for winning. Parents, always at the appropriate moment and time feel free to communicate and ask questions about your daughter. Also, please take the initiative to encourage and teach your daughters to speak up and communicate for themselves whenever possible. The Westside Breakers Soccer Club believes in and teaches Players the benefit of having mental toughness to guide their intense focus on the game of soccer. We will instruct your daughter to ignore adverse conditions such as bad referees, name calling, foul language, rough play, cheating, poor weather, negative behavior by Parents or opponents, etc. We expect our Parents (as well as our Coaches) to have this same mental toughness.
The Coaches for the Westside Breakers Soccer Club are instructed to conduct themselves first as teachers and second as soccer Coaches. Nothing positive will come of the Club’s efforts if we produce excellent soccer Players who do not know how to conduct themselves as successful human beings. In this regard, you can expect our Coaches to conduct themselves as positive role models and display appropriate behavior. Our Coaches recognize they are dealing in an important way with young people and cannot overlook the impact they have on Players’ lives. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the Team on and off the field when the Team is together and part of a Club event. We insist our Players are polite, well behaved and respectful. Players and Parents can expect honesty, communication, consistency and reliability from the Coach. The Technical Director and Team Coaches are responsible for creating an environment where Players are given the tools and skills necessary to enable them to become as good as their ability, desire, commitment and effort take them. The foundations for success in the development of individual Players and Teams are: (1) fostering a love and passion for the game of soccer; (2) insistence on standards of maximum concentration and effort during practices and games; and (3) continually striving for excellence in the attempt of all individual skills and Team play. Do not expect the Coaches to praise everything you do well. After a time, there are things the Coach will come to expect from every Player. There are times when Coaches will say very little, and times they may yell out instructions. There are times they will be critical of Players, and other times they will be generous with praise. Players and Parents are expected to take constructive criticism along with praise for a job well done, and be able to deal with both.  There are some Coaches who coach two or more Westside Breakers teams. All such Coaches will attend all Team training sessions and will attend all possible Team games as the schedule permits. There will be times when conflicts occur and, in those situations, another Westside Breakers Coach will cover one of the games or practices. The decision as to which Team is covered by the head Coach will be determined solely by the head Coach and Technical Director. In addition, during the season the Technical Director will attend as many games as possible for each Westside Breakers Team.
The Club and each Team are financially supported through annual Player dues paid by each Player.  The financial year runs from June 1 through May 31 of the following year. The annual amount of Player dues are $2,350 for U10 age teams and under and $2,770 for U11 and older teams.  The Player dues are all inclusive except for uniforms which are a separate cost.  Since league registration fees, pre-season tournaments and other Team costs are payable prior to or in the early part of each season, the payment schedule for each Team is as follows:
$500 initial deposit at registration
50% of the remaining balance on July 1st
Final balance on September 1st
We understand that there may be times when individual exceptions need to be made to the above schedule and our desire is work in a positive way with our Players and their Parents. Should you have any difficulty adhering to the above payment schedule, please contact and communicate on a timely basis with your Team Manager. Your Team Manager may make individual exceptions and allow payments on a monthly basis, however, such arrangements must be made in advance. Should a Player quit or leave their Team to join another club or team after any payments are made, there will be no refunds. Also, in such cases, any past due Player dues will be immediately due and payable. Refunds will only be made in special cases (determined by the Team Manager and Club President in consultation with the Team Coach and Technical Director) such as when a player is injured for a significant period of time or if a Players family relocates to another area. Late payments are subject to a $25 late fee. Failure to pay dues on a timely basis may result in temporary and/or permanent suspension from the Club.
Our attempt with this agreement is to present in clear detail what will be expected of you and what you can expect of the Club, the Team and the Coaches. If you are uncertain what is expected, it is your responsibility to ask one of your Coaches. Knowing and understanding these things, your participation in the Club will be positive for you as you develop your soccer abilities to the highest level possible. We have high expectations of the Club, the Teams, the Coaches, and you. These expectations are really the rules, regulations, and policies for the Westside Breakers Soccer Club. So that you and every Player in our Club can get the maximum benefit, we need you and every Player to abide by the Club rules, regulations and policies. If disciplinary actions are necessary, the following steps may be taken:
1. The Team Coach and/or Technical Director will discuss the problem directly and privately with the Player, with the assumption the problem will be corrected immediately.
2. If the problem persists, the Team Coach and/or Technical Director will communicate with the Player’s Parents to discuss the problem and lack of response on the part of the Player. Parents will have the opportunity to be involved with correction of the problem at this time.
3. If the problem still continues, the Technical Director and/or Team Coach may temporarily suspend the Player. If the situation warrants, the Technical Director may recommend to the Board of Directors that the Player be removed from the Club. The Parents will be notified by the Board of Directors of the Technical Director’s recommendation.
4. The Parents of any Player recommended for removal from the Club may request to meet with the Board of Directors and the Technical Director.
Our desire is to work in a positive, constructive way with our Players. Everyone has problems from time to time and we will make every effort to work with you to help solve the problem you may have. After we have exhausted all efforts to solve the problem, we will be left with little choice other than to pursue the disciplinary action as outlined above.