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Breakers Practice and Game Field

The Westside Breakers year round practice field is MacArthur Field (click here to go to google maps location) which is located at the corner of Bonsall and MacArthur (Los Angeles, CA 90049) on the north side of the VA grounds in West Los Angeles.  Directions and the FIELD RULES are listed below. 

Directions to VA Practice Field

From Wilshire heading WEST just west of the 405 freeway, veer to the right to enter the VA property.  At the stop sign, turn right onto Bonsall Ave. and go north.  If you are heading EAST on Wilshire, just past Federal, veer right onto the VA property and turn left on Bonsall to go north.  Continue north on Bonsall about 1 mile until you reach MacArthur.  Go straight across MacArthur and enter the parking lot and the field is on your right.   There are other entrances off of Bringham (on the West side of the VA property), a Sepulveda Blvd. entrance that goes past the UCLA baseball field on Constitution Ave, and there is also an entrance at Sawtelle, off Ohio, for those coming from the south. 

As Visitors to MacArthur Field, it is very important that everyone adhere to the following Rules:

 1.  STAY within the field area. DO NOT ENTER ANY NEARBY BUILDINGS.  THE RESTROOM IS LOCATED ON THE FIELD.  Also, please DO NOT let children play on the hills or stray into or into brushy areas.

 2.  NO smoking at the field.

 3.  NO alcohol, drugs

 4.  NO DOGS ALLOWED.  Please note that there are absolutely NO DOGS (or other pets) allowed on VA property.

 5.  NO LITTERING: Please pick up all trash we may have dropped. Take your trash (water bottles etc.) out with you. Leave the area cleaner than you found it.

 6.  NO use of the field except during permitted days and hours.

 7. NO stopping or parking in red zone (curbed area near the entrance).   Please park in marked spots ONLY.   THERE IS ADDITIONAL PARKING UP MACARTHUR AVE. TOWARDS THE GOLF COURSE.  If necessary, walk your children in and/or walk in to pick them up.

 Failure to follow VA rules may lead to revocation of permit to use the field.