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Westside Breakers

Berkeley Hall Game Field

Berkeley Hall is the Breakers primary game field during the Fall league season.  Field Set Up and Take Down Procedures are listed on the left.  Directions and important FIELD RULES are listed below.


From the 405 travelling North:
(a) Take the Mulholland Exit (3 miles north of Sunset).  Turn left at the top of the ramp and continue up the hill.

(b) Stay in left lane approaching traffic signal.  Swing left onto Mulholland and cross bridge over freeway.  Pass Milken Community School immediately on left.  Then Curtis School on right.  About 150 yards further you will see the Berkeley Hall gates on the left.
Enter and follow the road staying right, till you see the main parking lot.  PARK HERE and then take the footpath (look for signs) through the school sloping down past the tennis courts.  There is NO SOCCER PARKING in or around the tennist court areas. Please DO NOT EVEN THINK OF PARKING AT THE COURTS OR WE WILL LOSE ALL PARKING PRIVILEGES.  If you have someone disabled and need to drop them off, stay right along the road,, circle clock-wise around the courts and park back up at the main parking lot.

From the 405 travelling South from the valley:
(a) Take the Mulholland Exit just over the hilltop.  At top of ramp turn left and cross bridge over freeway. Swing left and continue up hill in left lane.

(b) See above.



 As visitors to Berkeley Hall School, it is very important that everyone adhere to the following Rules:

 1.  STAY within the track area. DO NOT let children stray into the campus, onto play equipment or into brushy areas (rattlesnakes are common).

 2.  NO: smoking and any open fires on campus, by City Ordinance.

 3.  NO: skateboards, bikes, foul language, alcohol, drugs

 4.  NO pets on the campus and no cars on the track.

 5.  NO LITTERING: Please pick up all trash we may have dropped. Leave the area cleaner than you found it.

 6.  NO LOITERING: When the game and cleanup is finished, everyone must leave the premises.

 Failure to follow the School’s rules may lead to Revocation of our permit to use the field, cancellation or forfeiture of the game.